The new bustabit bot script hack is specially created to bet safely and make your profit easy, as well as to do it accurately. This Script Bot is the perfect solution to use in Bitcoin gambling games on sites like bustabit.

[Image: bustabit-hack-script-bot-1024x576.png]

The script collects the history of previous rounds to place a bet and ensure that you recover the amount you lose a little without risking the full balance of your account.
[Image: bustabit-hack-script-bot-1.png][Image: bustabit-hack-script-bot-2.png]

This is what you can expect with the Script Bot
  1. Martingale. (ex. – You bet 10 bits, lose. Bet 20 bits, win. Restarts to the original bit bet of 10.)
  2. Shows the total amount of wins/losses.
  3. Different settings depending on how much risk/profit you want to do.
  4. Goal setting, if you reach the goal, it will stop the script.
  5. Displays profit made at every winning bet.
  6. If it detects a losing streak, it will pause for 6 rounds. After that, when it finds a good start, it will resume.
  7. If it loses all stages using the martingale tactic, it will start the dynamic backup mode. This means it will try building back up with each bet being laid using martingale and a % of the users balance left.
Please keep in mind, it is STILL possible to lose your bits. The script is designed so it’s automated and no human errors are made such as forgetting to cash out.