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Jul 19, 2021
The Binance platform is listed as the largest exchange and the one with most users in the world. Binance is a platform where you can carry out practically any transaction with cryptocurrencies and even to store them.


As of today, according to CoinMarketCap they have more than 1,100 cryptocurrencies listed. So if you cannot find a cryptocurrency on Binance, it is probably because it is very new or maybe because it may be a scam or fraud.

Short history of Binance​

Binance began its journey in 2017 originally in China. Nowadays, its location is not very clear. According to different media, it is said that its headquarters could be in Malta, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

Could we consider that it is currently on the most secure crypto exchange platform on the internet?​

Let’s be real, in the crypto world security is never assured at 100%. All exchanges have suffered numerous hacks or attacks. However, it is known that in the latest attack to Binance, all funds were covered and secured. We’d put our hands on fire that today, Binance is the safest exchange that exists. But as we always recommend in the crypto world, use the exchanges to operate and then send your assets to a cold wallet.

It is currently safe to say that there is no other company so far that compares equally with Binance. This great bet made by Changpeng Zhao (its owner), has become in a few years, as the great reference in the area of cryptocurrencies in the world, due to the wide range of products and services it offers.

Advantages of using Binance​

  • It is a financial system or platform that is totally free, anyone can register in it by simply filling in their personal data and doing a typical K.Y.C.
  • They have options for almost any language around the world.
  • They present a robust platform, which is fast and reliable to handle thousands of transactions per minute.
  • The lowest commissions in the market for your operations on the platform
  • It has a good referral program, where the virality of its use is encouraged, through various marketing strategies and referral commissions.
  • Presents (for some countries) the option of granting a card for the customer who requires it, some additional conditions apply to obtain it.
  • Large community with many users and most with a good opinion of its use.


  • It is possible that for some people the usage to operate between the different and varied options that Binance gives is not so friendly, according to some users.
  • Technical support can be somewhat slow at times, mainly due to the high demand they have due to the number of users it handles.
  • Some complain that to register they require the KYC (Know Your Customer). But in our particular opinion, we would rather consider this as an advantage, as it guarantees reliability and trust for all users.
  • Sometimes the service is saturated and it is not possible to operate.
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