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Jul 19, 2021
There are hundreds of exchanges that have got involved with the cryptocurrency market. Exchange platforms are websites where traders can easily open and close trades. It’s pretty common for people to ask themselves “Which exchange should I use?” The most effective platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies is the one that is up to the task in order to fulfil the needs of the majority of users. Today we’re running a short analysis of the KuCoin exchange.


KuCoin, is an online cryptocurrency exchanger, is a competitor for other similar platforms such as Binance. The KuCoin system is only for cryptocurrency exchanges. It was created in China and it spread very quickly worldwide. Its creators and owners are a group of enthusiast people who love new technologies such as blockchain.

Registration and account verification in KuCoin​

Opening an account to start trading on KuCoin is quite simple. Follow the steps below if you haven’t open one yet:
  • Visit KuCoin website and select 'Log In'. Accept the terms and conditions for opening accounts by selecting the box and clicking "Next":
  • Fill in the requested data: email, password, etc. In short, the platform sends you an email, from where you will activate your account.
  • That's it! If you do this correctly, then it means that you can start trading with your account.

Deposit of funds​

KuCoin is an exchange that only supports cryptocurrencies. In other words, it is not useful for buying digital currencies using fiat currencies, such as dollars, euros or pounds. Therefore, you must deposit funds in one of the wallets offered by KuCoin.

Minimum amount of operations​

During the investigation, we have not found any info that implies that KuCoin imposes any minimum limits for the trades done in it. Even quite small trades can be performed on KuCoin.


Different promotions are published every week: this is one of the most attractive features that KuCoin offers to its users. Generally, they publish contests or Bitcoin raffles, but they also include other cryptocurrencies from time to time, so users can participate in trading contests. The cryptocurrency options of this exchange are extremely varied.


KuCoin still has a low volume due to being a recent platform, the overall trading volume is low. This can lead to market manipulations and lack of liquidity. KuCoin does not accept fiat money deposits. Therefore, we will have to get our Bitcoins from another exchange before sending them to KuCoin. KuCoin also offers USDT as an alternative to the dollar, as any other cryptocurrency exchange out there.

Conclusions on KuCoin​

KuCoin is becoming one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges. It's a reliable, well-performing platform that has gained community approval in little time. It has not filed any significant rulings or scam lawsuits. Although the competition is becoming more and more intense, this exchange has opened up space in the market very quickly. It has very good potential, so that in the future it will become another great leading platform in the exchange of cryptocurrencies.
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